Paselec PX6 Folding Electric Bike

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Ebike | Folding Electric Bike | 750w Fat Tire foldable Bicycle with Samsung 12Ah Battery

.PASELEC PX6 is a value-for-money fat tire folding machine. Due to the internal wiring and paint matching components, it has a beautiful appearance.

The CTS 4.0-inch wide tires can handle any terrain and have puncture resistance.

Install a duffel bag on the shelf at the rear of the bike, wow. It's really cool.

(The order does not include leather bags. Need to be purchased separately.)

.The 750 watt electric motor provides satisfactory power and is activated by a throttle or a sealed cadence sensor.

RST's spring suspension fork provides a smooth ride experience, and the telescopic rod is high enough for tall riders

.The Shimano Acera derailleur is of high quality and can provide a quick-fire trigger shifter, a satisfactory shifting experience,

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes can provide powerful braking force, and include a motor suppressor,

optional mudguard The board is durable and has full-length coverage


 .The throttle cannot be activated when fixed. This can be a challenge when combined with the limited range of the 14-28 tooth flywheel.

Accessories are not included, but many good accessories are available as optional accessories

The appearance of the PX6 is stylish and beautiful, and PASELEC really keeps it out of the park in terms of cable management and visual design, the thick and strong wrap of the control cable, the internal wiring and the painted mudguard.

.Even if you are a larger rider with a height of 6 feet, the riding comfort is excellent, thanks to the large saddle, the RST suspension fork with a travel of 45mm, and of course fat tires-a lot of air is perfect for absorbing the road Bumps on the road.

Speaking of tires, these CSTs have excellent thick tread patterns, which are very suitable for off-road and almost any terrain riding.

If the pressure is reduced to 5-10 PSI, even sand and snow will be fine. In the case of 20" x 4", it does increase the weight of the bicycle,

but the smaller diameter means that both the rear hub motor and brake have good mechanical advantages.

750-watt geared rear hub motor, so it feels more powerful here, hits the throttle to provide satisfactory acceleration and quickly accelerates to a maximum speed of 20mph.

Since this is a Class 2 Ebike, the speed can reach up to 20mph, but the motor can actually reach higher speeds, and this bike can be configured to reach higher speeds only with pedal assistance.

The transmission system here is of high quality and has Shimano Acera derailleur. The Shimano rapid-fire trigger shifter on the right handle is satisfactory as always

The charging port is positioned high and forward on the frame, which is easy to see, which helps to minimize the risk of damage, because if you move or knock down the bike while charging, the rope is less likely to be entangled in the crank arm on

The fact that all assist levels can provide full throttle power, allowing you to accelerate quickly even if you ride at assist level 1

Rugged support


        The ECO motor and the intelligent controller are connected with the E-PAS system.

The E-PAS system recharge power back to the battery when the PAS level is 0 or 1 and speed exceeds 13mph.

E-PAS effectively extends the life of the motor and battery and allows your bike increase over 40% miles trip distance, even more. Smart LCD Screen with LCD backlight is IP65 waterproof, Password-protected and easy to read. 3 modes: Electric, PAS and Sport.

Grayscale LCD monitors, they have high visibility, not only large grayscale LCD monitors, it also has a good large reading, and the battery reading is complete 10, providing accurate 10% increments, it is also Adjustable angle, helps reduce glare

SHIMANO hydraulic brakes provide good smooth braking ability. The 180mm rotor dissipates heat well, and the large four-finger lever has a good mechanical advantage when actuating the brake. They also include motor suppressors, which immediately cut off the power to the motor.

The PX6 uses a high-quality Samsung 18650 battery in its battery, which is a 672 watt-hour high-capacity battery that can be smoothly integrated into the frame, and has an LED reader to display the battery level and handle. optimal. You can charge it on a bicycle or on a bicycle.

fold! Folding is very suitable for carrying because it will be a great choice for camping or other outdoor travel, and it is also suitable for storing the bicycle indoors without taking up too much space

Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
Samsung, 18650 Cells
12 ah
71 miles (114 km)
27 mph (electric), 28 mph (PAS), MAX 32mph
20 in (50.8cm)
hydraulic disc brakes
Alloy suspension folding frame

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