About Product

1. How far can one person go using throttle only?

Paselec: The cruise range is according to every model's mileage from specifics. Estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, riding style, wind speed and terrain.

2. Need I buy spare parts for first order?

Paselec: Yes, you can buy some spare parts for future service.The quantity depends on your electric bike order. We will give you advice when you need.

3. Need I assemble parts of the electric bike when we get them?

Paselec: Yes, our products is 85% assembly. We will take out few parts, like pedals(if have), front wheel, front fender before package.Our workers will put these parts in electric bike cartons.


About delivery

1. How long will it take to deliver?

Paselec: Normally, it will take around 20-30 working days. It depends on your quantity.

2. Can i check my delivery?

Paselec: Sure, when the order has been dispatched we will send you a tracking number via email, so you can track the parcel on the website stated in the email.